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Best Anime Intro
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Posted 5/3/13
This is the beginning of The Best Anime Intro Award!!

Why? You ask no reason !! lol Me and my friends always vote among ourselves with intro is the best, but this year decided to broaden the vote :)

Heres how it works: I will do this in parts (since only 5 topics and be voted for in each post) This is part one Vote for the best out of the above choices. after 1 Week, I will Post part 2. I will use this process to slowly eliminate the losing intros. Till there are just FIVE left.

Have Fun!!1

Second Seasons Do Not Count
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26 / M / This Dying World
Posted 5/3/13
Your list is missing like 20 titles...

Majestic prince has a good 5 seconds then the bloody thing dies.
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Posted 5/3/13 , edited 5/3/13
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