Is This a Zombie? Officials
Posted 5/3/13 , edited 5/3/13

Official Ayumu Aikawa
Official Haruna
Official Eucliwood Hellscythe- Shiraishi_Kumiko
Official Seraphim
Official Yuki Yoshida- ILoveTatsumiOga1991
Official Sarasvati
Official Kyoko
Official King of the Night
Official Chris
Official Takeshi Kurisu
Official Tulio Orito
Official Taeko Hiramatsu
Official Kanami Mihara
Official Shimomura
Official Ariel/Dai Sensei
Official Akuma Danshaku
Official Naegleria Nebiros
Official Lilia Lilith
Official Meringue Salveria
Posted 5/3/13
Can I get Hellscythe-dono???
Posted 5/3/13

Shiraishi_Kumiko wrote:

Can I get Hellscythe-dono???

Of course you may!
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