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Posted 5/3/13

I was wondering if there's any way to sort forum search results. I've been trying to find recent posts concerning "subtitles" and there seems to be no way to find the most recent posts, or at least no way to know if I am seeing the most recent posts in the first few pages of hits.

Also, searching "All" forums for "Subtitles" results in about 1500 hits, with the first and last hits out of 1500 both dated 2008. I find it impossible to believe that no one has posted on the subject of "subtitles" in any forum since 2008.

A "Sort by Date" option would help a lot in this regard.

What I was trying to find on my own in these forums (and the FAQ), and couldn't, was any info on whether or not there's some kind of "subtitles" or "dubbed" indicator in any of the show listings.

From posts in 2008 and 2009 I gathered that most of the shows in those days were subtitled and a minority of them were dubbed in English and other languages.

However that was at least 3 years ago. Is it still the case? If not, how can we tell if a show in the listings is subtitled or dubbed (and in what language) without having to play at least one or more episodes of the show to find out?

A "subtitle" - "dubbed" - "Language" indicator, as well as some kind of sorting options in the forum search, sure would make it a lot easier and faster to navigate this website.

Thanks for your time,
Alan Mintaka
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Yo Mama's House
Posted 5/3/13 , edited 5/3/13
There isn't.

Actually, the crunchyroll's forum search feature really minimalized since like 2011. I heard mentions of because it's taking too much resources and too much other things, but regardless of the site's reasons, there isn't a "search by date" feature on search; there isn't even a "search by user". It's really basic going by just keywords and actually harder to rummage through than in the past.

As for your SUB V DUB thing, I find this rule of thumb useful. Most, like 98%, of the content here is likely to be SUBBED in English. The other 2%, DUBBED, can be found there: Now for other languages, well that's a fun treasure hunt that you probably just have to find out by yourself.

There's also this little side bar under the video to tell you what's up-

I think that it's actually better to have the language indicator on the show's page itself than on the forum because it just seems a bit more simple and cleaner that way.
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Posted 5/4/13
Ah, I see it now. Thanks, zendude, that does help.

As far as the forum goes, it does need a lot of work, regardless of Crunchyroll's transparent explanations of "too many resources" to support an advanced search option. The cure is to farm out the forum software and let the other server take the heat.

In fact, when I posted a response to you in my other thread today, I got this message:

"ERROR - reply posted !"


Well, aside from this inane forum software and performance, thanks once again for those notes and sidebar example. Crunchyroll could still make things a little clearer than that without making us search through a semi-crippled forum, but evidently website design is not their strong suit.

I wonder if any of these website design issues and "resource" concerns are related to the sometimes erratic video playback I've been seeing for 1080p streams. The machines and internet connection I use are more than high-powered enough to support real-time hi-def streams, provided the streaming service is any good. Some of my TVs stream HD from other services with no problems at all. So far, only Crunchyroll is the long pole in that tent.

I don't count the Anime Network Online in this context, since their streaming service doesn't even deserve consideration in any category referred to as "quality."

This unsolicited rant was brought to you by a bitter, old, one-eyed (as in "lack of depth perception") fogey.

Have a good one, zendude!

Alan Mintaka
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