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Post Reply Is Attack on Titan Another Sword Art Online (sucking in all types of Anime recognition for the season)
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29 / Aincrad Floor 61
Posted 5/12/13
So you are basically saying that AoT is overshadowing all the other great shows of the season and not allowing them the recognition they deserve? Well that would be true but not much we can do about it.

Same as SAO, SAO was a amazing show (still is) and that's just the way it is when you have other shows during a season that come up against such monsters.

AoT deserves the praise it has received so far and we will see if it continues. The manga is really good, even though the "wow" factor does lower quite a bit as the story progresses (I've read up through Chapter 44). Time will tell.
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33 / Texas
Posted 5/12/13
I think I understand what zesire is saying. Without a doubt Attack on Titan has received a lot of press, like Sword Art Online did when it was airing. AoT can potentially suck up a lot of the praise that should be going to well done series (like Gargantia and Flowers of Evil). I am not sure if I can call that a bad thing or not because I think that in the end fans have to be willing to be captivated by other anime. Regardless of how good AoT can be, we should not just gravitate toward a single anime series just because it is the most talked about show.
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31 / M
Posted 5/12/13
I'm really loving AoT there are other greats this season I started off loving Gargantia but staring with episode 4 it's begun not being able to hold my attention as much, and Arata lost me after episode 2. I think AoT and SAO deserve all the praise they've received, both shows left me pumped and anxious for the next episode I just rewatched SAO last week because I loved it so much. I think the show the difference between something that is enjoyable and something that's a "must-see"
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19 / M / In the middle
Posted 7/21/13
Well to be honest I found Crunchyroll because I heard SAO was a great anime, that then opened the door for me to watch all these other anime I would have never seen before, so to answer you question no SAO ad AOT aren't shadows blocking the anime world. They are exposing it to new people.
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24 / F / Wall Maria
Posted 7/27/13 , edited 7/27/13

I began reading AoT before the anime even appeared. SAO? I barely even jumped into the plot of the manga, let alone the animation re-adaption. I was desperately excited about AoT not only because the manga was already tugging at my insides, but mainly because I learned somewhere before the release of AoT that Hiroyuki Sawano-sama was going to be responsible for the music. Oh. MY. Word. Hiroyuki Sawano-sama? The same man who was behind my all time top three in my list of top five animes? Ao no Exorcist (the OST soundtrack)! I was ecstatic! First episode of AoT, even the opening is meant to drag a person into it. Guren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon is a powerful, sort of heart-stuttering opening don't you think? It sort of gave me a brief idea that AoT was going to be amazing.

Now SAO.. if I were to stand a candle next to AoT? Not even close! SAO agitated me! The whole romance of it, the second season within the first season... SAO had it's moments. The dual-wielding was an awesome ability. But now that AoT has reared it's head with the most powerful and well-thought soundtrack I've heard thus far... I'm sorry SAO, but AoT was something I was waiting for and SAO was something I watched to pass time.

And.. 7 more hours to the release of episode sixteen of AoT! -__-; The suspense is killing me.

Ah! And if anyone is curious, try purchasing the "Attack on Titan" Original Soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano. It is absolutely amazing. All the insert songs you've heard thus far are included.
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74 / F / Zhiganshina
Posted 8/8/13
My personal opinion:

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20 / M / Cleveland
Posted 8/8/13
There is some topics for me that Attack on Titan has over Sword Art Online. By a mile/kilometer.

1. Character Development:
From when this anime first started back in Spring of 2013, it was receiving the same amount of hype as SAO did. But it did what SAo could never do: Develop Characters. Not just the main cast, but all roles[even if they ended in death so far...]. Everyone is progressing very well as of Episode 17, and the story is getting close to the big climax[or so I see of it within the next moth].

2. Soundtrack:
The OST for this show is beyond good. From the 2 openings/closings, to the "Engrish" music in show during critical battles/moments. It gets me dragged into the show so much I forget I am at a library!

3. Animation:
What do I really need to say?! It's F*CKIN AWESOME. It is very unique, and fits the show very well. When I saw the 2nd OP, I could tell they poured tons of money into that animation for that opening. Sound wise, I prefer OP1, but, OP2's animation is far superior to the !st OP. It's hard to find something at the quality level as Attack on Titan.

Of course, this is just my opinion. Your's may differ. But, at this current moment of time, this might be labeled by fans "Greatest Anime of All-Time". In my opinion, I wouldn't blame them! It deserves to be put with great anime as "Cowboy BeBop", "Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" [shut up, a movie like THIS from Kyoto Animaton, it deserves to be up here], and any Miazaki work, "Clannad -After Story-", etc.

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26 / M
Posted 8/8/13 , edited 8/8/13

zesire wrote:

Just like the Title. Is AOT sucking up all the fame this anime Season like, Sword art did when it first came out. (BTW I love AOT)

I was just thinking some people feel AOT is over hyped, just like SAO was and now no one is even recognizing the other good titles this season that came out like Gargantia and other really good starting Animes. For one I feel Like AOT deserves its hype Just my opinion. What I dont want is people to hate a anime just because its doing so good and everyone is talking about it and not their fav. (yes I know there are some fans for the other titles)

Maybe its just now the SOA Effect.

Where if there is a really captivating Anime that comes out it SUCKS ALL LIFE from the others so they cant grow just as big as fan base. Crunchy rollers I understand you guys watch like almost as much as possible but Im not just talking about Crunchy. All you hear about is AOT, and I just feel a little bad about the other good Titles.

SAO was crap. Plotholes, deus exmachina and gary stu all over the place. One dimensional characters, being their only motivation "I luv Kirito."

Gargantia was crap too. It was overhyped just because "lel urobuchi is writing it!" Every Urobuchi show now is overhyped. Remember how Led killed all the pirates but later felt like crap when he killed some humanoid squids? Yeah, that's sh*t writing.

AoT has a great concept, awesome animation, fun twists and very likeable characters. Sasha haven't talked that much in the whole show, but everybody loves her, and now everybody loves Jean. In Jean's case, that's what I call character development.

And don't say "animes" ever again, is just "anime", plural or singular.
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19 / M / USA
Posted 9/11/13
As long as AoT doesn't perform an SAO move with their second arc, I'll have no complaints. Fortunately, things seem pretty good so far so in my opinion.
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20 / F
Posted 12/13/13
I honestly thought that SAO was gonna be a awesome anime with a whole slew of fights and awesome sauce. What we got is 'that guy in the anime who was really unpopular then got himself a hot girlfriend because he killed a few monsters' scenario, and I kinda dropped SAO after the first arc and was forced to pick it up by my friend. Attack on Titan doesn't have that much romance, no fanservice, actually seemingly humane characters and those freakish titans, thats why it stood out. It didn't need the fanservice like most animes have (including SAO) it was already popular with the manga and it has a great concept. No, its not the best anime ever, but it's one that could be the most enjoyable
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Posted 12/18/13
I like AOT but favorite for sure is hunter x hunter
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