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Are you sick of the manga readers spoiling shows?
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M / Denver
Posted 5/14/13
Ahhh!!! I scrolled down to the comments on the recent Attack On Titan episode! Why oh why did I do that!! I just wanted to read other people's reactions to the episode

What about various Spoiler categories?

"Episode Spoiler" - knowledge up thru that current episode after watching
"Manga Spoiler" - for those who want to discuss the manga
"Series Spoiler" - for those who insist on ruining the ending to a series

too much?

P.S. - Attack On Titan episode comments are off-limits now. Never again!! ::shakes fist::
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Posted 5/21/13
Many have been upset that Shingeki No Kyojin spoilers were posted. It might be hard to do but, try not reading the comments
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28 / Jolly ol' Blighty
Posted 5/21/13 , edited 5/21/13
@First poster. I get exatly what you mean, it's happened to me before on different series and it's really annoying.

Largly thats why I started reading the manga of things along side/before some series to prevent that these days.

After all lets say hypertheticaly that the manga of AoT was finished and at the end there was some huge twist that say Mikasa was some kind of lightning flinging esper (see the spoiler tag for the crossover picture) and saved the day that way I would much rather not know untill it was dropped on us. After all shocking plot twists lose their point if you already know.

@ContributorGuy. I understand your point but it's not always possable, once I was linked to a game AMV by a freind before I played the game and the top comment was about a huge plot twist in the game, unfortunatly just catching a glance ruined the twist for me.

To make a comparason take the Harry potter books, It's like overhearing somone the major events at the end of book 5 or 6 as you pick the book up in the store, it really would take the edge off it.

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Posted 11/21/13
To keep the Forums tidy, closing threads that have been inactive for six months or more.

locked and closed
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