Your Top 5 Anime Scenes
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Posted 5/8/13
NOTE: DO NOT CRITICIZE USERS FOR THE ANIMES IN THEIR TOP 5! This thread is not to be used to make fun of others for liking scenes in animes that you don't like. Please post only YOUR favorite scenes and please try to refrain from commenting negatively on other people's Top 5. Please also list your choices in ascending order, #5 being your least favorite of your top 5 to #1 being your absolute favorite,. Also, please put your Top 5 in spoilers (as I have done) for anyone who hasn't seen the anime you're describing and doesn't want the plot spoiled. If you can, try linking a video or an image to the scene you refer to (within the spoiler tag) with each selection.

Let's see what scenes stuck with people!

I'll start.

#5: Oriemo -

#4: Angel Beats! -

#3: Angel Beats! -

#2: Witchblade -

#1: FLCL -

Well...that's my Top 5. Now let me see yours!
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Posted 5/8/13
I have to say whoever has read the manga of my avatar. I would go with all 5 scenes from that.
Posted 5/8/13 , edited 5/8/13
5: Durarara!!! -

4: FLCL -

3: Eureka Seven -

2: Durarara!!! -

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Posted 5/8/13
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Posted 5/8/13
Clannad After Story and the end of Angel Beats
Posted 5/9/13
#5 Fruits Basket

#4 Strawberry Panic
And now I’ve lost all credibility as an anime fan and a man lol


#2 Code Geass

#1 Kemono no Souja Erin
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Posted 11/9/13
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