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Ikeyamada Go
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Posted 6/19/11
After reading her books, it sorta makes me want to take home a short brown-haired boy ; A;
Gosh, her manga is mind blowing.
The first one i've ever read from her was lovely banchou and like after tht-- I just couldn't stop!
I seriously feel like I need rehab after reading her mangas, bcos i'm so addicted<3
I even hve nosebleeds from those steamy male characters she puts into her stories :=D

She makes me happy tht I can live in a world full of manga and anime and not feel ashamed of completely spazzing over hot characters and hveing my nose gush blood everywhere!!!!

Go Ikeyamada Go!~ LOL x3

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Posted 6/26/11
hahaha! i was just reading "Moe Kare!!" when i happened to see this forum. I have read "Get Love" "Suki Desu Suzuki-kun" "Uwasa no Midori-kun" "Shounen X Cinderella" and "Lovely Banchou" AND i'm about to read "Ookami Nanka Kowaikunai" a little later in the month. I looooove Ikeyamada Go! The art is soooo pretty... haha... cuz all the guys look realllyyy hot The storylines are really creative and because of that, Ikeyamada Go is one of my favorite mangakas
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M / New York City x)
Posted 8/5/11
Uwasa no Midori-Kun is one of my favorite manga
Posted 8/6/11
[Warning: Spoilers and a fit of bitchery involved.]

Unfortunately, I find that I'm having to force myself to read through some of her work. For example, Uwasa no Midori-kun - The story sounded pretty cool and it actually started off alright, but then it all went bleurgh and I hated it. I really liked the fact that Midori was so strong, but every time she came into contact with Tsukasa, he almost always devoured her and then she turned into your average weak main shoujo lead. And the ending... What the hell? I'm glad the author didn't pull another cliché and let her end up with Tsukasa, but I can't imagine him finding another girl. Midori seemed to be the only one in his eyes, and without her, he'd most likely be asexual. But brown-haired guy was cute.

Moe Kare made me face-palm multiple times, mostly because I, and probably most people, were able to predict the ending as soon as the main character (please don't tell me what her name is, I'd rather not recall the bad memories) got kissed. The constant back and forth between Arata and Takara was just painful. I know that it's a goddamn love triangle, but there are still limits, right?! Though I will admit that it's slightly better than the standard cliché shoujo manga since the drama wasn't too bad.

I can't remember the names of her other manga and you should be glad because I'd pointlessly rant on about those, too. I'm making it seem as if her work is a piece of shit, but that's not the case. They do have a lot of good points, such as the art. Yeah, the art! It's very moe and frankly, the only thing that spurred me on to continue reading. I'd only read this type of manga again if I was bored out of my wits and wanted to read a repetitive story with semi-cute fluff. Do give her work a chance if you've never read it before, I'm sure someone out there will enjoy it.
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Posted 1/4/12
I really love her Mangas!! ^^ I want to read all of it over and over again!!! >w< <3
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Posted 2/13/12 , edited 2/13/12
the first time i read her works was get love. i heard that get love was her very first manga.
when i read it, it was kind of plain and yeah ... gonna give this mangaka 70-80 mark
but then ...........
when i read moe kare i was like .. EEEEEEEE
the story sucks and the arts were horrible. so cliche, it was just like ecchi kind of manga
with the 2 twins who like one fugly girls (i think). SO dead CLICHE and her arts were kind of different which were really ugly.
after reading moe kare, i read midori kun is a tomboyxxxxx...?? whatever the name,
i hate TOMBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MIDORI acts all like a girly girl,and her boobs are all flying around beind her shirt when playin soccer and all the boys around her didnt notice that she's a girl. OMG!! that's just so realistic!! im really happy for her.

when i read i love u suzuki kun ......
and i had a facepalm.... i was like... whats wrong with ikeyamada go!!!!!
seriously!!!! sayaka had an amnesia!!!
WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! so funny!!!!!!

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Posted 2/13/12
I loved her manga "MOE KARE"!!!!!!!!!!!:)
So awesome!<3
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