What's your favorite Chinese/Taiwanese Movie?
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Posted 5/10/13 , edited 5/10/13
Chinese movies are probably my favorite movies. I have seen many great ones. If I had to choose a favorite I have to say it was "Red Cliff" the two part chinese version. I'm a huge three kingdoms era fan so this movie was right up my alley. It also helps that my favorite actress Zhao Wei was in it.

Couple more that I like include...
Hear Me
Painted Skin (Zhao Wei)
Ip Man (1>2)
Little Big soldier
Reign of Assassins (great, really great)
14 Blades (Zhao Wei is in it)
LOVE (Another one with Zhao Wei)

There are many more. Which ones do you like?
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Posted 5/10/13
Memory serves it was "Young & Dangerous", seen others, but it was a good movie and I can't recall the others.
Sorta wish I nabbed her hard drive to copy some of them before she went to japan for me...
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Posted 11/9/13
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