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Legal Implications of Anime Pirating
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Posted 5/17/13 , edited 5/17/13
1. I guess it depends on location and how frequent you do these "illegal" thing. Because I know my friend of the states apparently got a visit from the police for doing music. But here in Canada, I haven't heard of one person getting caught, whether it be for torrenting or something similiar to it. And I'm someone who used to do that stuff a lot. But that was before megaupload got shut down because ever since then, piracy has been take A LOT more seriously.

2. I don't really mind if they make an effort or not. If I have to pay a few bucks every month to watch the anime I love, so be it. Unless it becomes over expensive.

3. Coming from someone who DOES watch illegal animes on other website's which aren't licensed by anyone, I don't really know nor I really care if it's illegal or immoral. I guess it depends on the person. I mean, I'm sure there are some people out there who watch animes from certain websites and they don't even know it's illegal.

4. I never felt guilty at all for watching illegal anime lmao. I think the people that should feel guilty/responsibility are the uploader's that upload those animes. As far as the downloader's go, all I can say is MEH. The funny thing is that some anime/manga authors don't really mind their stuff being pirated
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Posted 5/17/13
Being someone who speaks with people who have been the victim of pirating, I have to say I wish it wasn't as common as it was. People who pirate and download seem to think that those who created the content are rich and have made their money when in a lot of cases, they are wrong. A friend of mine who wrote three books is by no means rich, yet she is having to deal with people pirating her books via torrents. She and her husband make alright money, but the money she makes off her books is rather small (last I talked to her, she had made about $13000). If you think about that small amount, it's hardly enough to live off of in a year, at least here in the United States. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is just above the poverty line.

For many of us it is like this. I generally offer my editing and ghostwriting services at lower prices so indie authors can still put out a decent product without having to dish out several thousand dollars to a publishing house for certain services. It is very possible to sell 10s of thousands of copies of a particular work and still not make a ton of money. Considering how much time and effort I put into my own work, it would devastated me if I found out people were illegally duplicating it. For some of my work, I have put literally years of effort into making them as perfect as I can and if I found out someone was just taking my years of hard work and making copies to give away, I would lose even more faith in humanity.

I'm far from rich so the few sales I do get mean a lot to me. In some cases, in lieu of an upfront cash payment for my services, I will take a small commission on sales up to a certain dollar value. It is because of this that pirating and torrenting has negatively affected me as well.

I know many people make the excuse that certain anime is just not available for purchase within their country. I don't know about anyone else, but on my computer I have a blu ray / dvd/ cd drive as well as a dvd / cd drive. Each of them are set to different regions so when I purchase a disc intended only for region 2, I have a drive that is able to play it. If an anime simply isn't available at all for purchase or download, all I ask is that you think long and hard about your decision. Many people put in weeks, months, years of effort to make their work as good as it is. Not all of us drive around in Mercedes cars and live in 10 bedroom mansions. Most of us drive 13 year old Chevy's and live in a modest, 3 bedroom home that we can only afford because of those few sales our work produced.
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Posted 5/17/13
is it actually illegal to watch from an illegal streaming site? ireally dont know and some people cant afford to buy all that anime i know i rather jsut have it all air on tv or some shit. i know once im on my own i wont be spending money on cable when i can spend that money on stuff i actully wanna watch
Posted 5/18/13 , edited 5/18/13
I don't think they should try to catch people who watch it illegally. Because most of the audience is still in high school... they obviously can't afford to pay for stuffs.

Some people who watch it illegally actually support it afterwards because they've enjoyed the show. I have the Death Note box set and all the manga volumes. But I've watched it when I was 20, illegally.
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Posted 11/17/13
Closed due to inactivity. Its been over 6 months and no new posts. Locked.
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