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Posted 3 days ago

maxie93 wrote:

I would also be down for a dedicated wii u app for CR. You can currently watch anime on the wii u from anime sites that use a html5 video player (works surprisingly well). But I would much rather watch my anime through more legit means, and CR is perfect for that. I can currently do this on my ps3, but outside of CR I barely use the thing, id love to migrate 100% to wii u.
Also the wii u is a great console, I don't see what specs have to do with it. Playing videos does not require high-end specs.

Signed up just to make the point that this user made without knowing.

As nice as an app for Wii U would be, the obvious Nintendo haters have made valid arguments. Which is why we don't need a native app for Wii U if Crunchyroll would just get with the 2010's and add HTML5 functionality to their website. Then we could watch it through the browser.
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