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Posted 4 days ago

SaylaDaikun wrote:

I know a lot of you have only ever read Manga so I'm going to start with

*~No spoilers!!! Yey~*


Image Comics

The writer of this one actually spent many years in Japan, researching and learning about their culture. The whole comic (so far) takes place in Tokyo, Japan. Rori, main character is half Japanese (mom) and half Irish (dad). Upon arriving, she runs into these monsters and a girl and ... cats? Lots of cats. This weird light, almost like a trail, appears before her and leads her away from the danger. Now she has to figure out why these monsters were attacking her and what the heck those weird glowy trails were!


Image Comics

Man, this one. Oh god this one is the one that started it all for me. I looked at comics and I though "Ew they're all the same. Superheros and too many words". Saga is so much more. The very first issue starts you off with this couple, so in love that they would dare make a love child in a world where their very races are at war with. Marko (Mr. Horns up there) is from a moon orbiting Landfall, which is where Alana is from (winged chick). Now the whole galaxy, maybe even the whole universe is after them and their taboo child.
Oh and the narrator is the infant child. She's super adorable.


Avatar Comics


Perfect for all you Attack on Titan junkies (I assume you only watch for the blood and guts?)

The crossed were once humans like you and I, no one knows how it started or even cares anymore. A virus or maybe just something in or brains as a whole snapped. Causing us to go to our most primal state. No. Not even animals would do the things the crossed do. They eat and fuck anything in sight. They find pleasure in ripping off limps and fucking them. Pain is pleasure to the crossed. Each volume of crossed follows a new group of "survivors". Don't be disappointed though, each story is just as good if not better than the last.
Just keep in mind, if you think the story can't get any more fucked up that it is now... You're gravely mistaken.


Marvel Comics

Come on. How can I not add The Merc With The Mouth?? This dude cracks me up. Seriously I don't even need an introduction. If you don't know Deadpool, you've already lost. Oh... and you also just lost the game. Sorry.


***More Mature content, Less graphic than Crossed though***

The Wicked + The Divine

This one is so beautiful, the artwork, the story, the characters. Oh god the characters. Literally. Every hundred years of so a small group of random teens from around the world are "selected" toe be the reincarnated bodies of gods. The only catch, you die after two years. Better make the most of it.

As of right now that is all I can think of. These are just some of my favorites. Of course there are smaller series:

Y: The Last Man


First much love for the many, many vertigo comics listed (if you can find it, check out Flinch. Horror anthology. You'll love it)

Just started both Wayward and The Wicked and The Divine. Hooked on both for different reasons. nailbiter I just passed on as I'm nopt quite the comic book reader used to be. (BTW, replying because I was searching for a topic on Wayward, and this was the ONLY post to mention it. To have found it also mention TW&TD as well. Perfect.)
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