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M / New york
Posted 1/19/14 , edited 1/19/14
I dont really find them odd and like the person above mentioned, it does take forever in the UC i've seen some grotesque stuff there
But i rarely go to the hospital since i never really have anything serious besides minors colds and 24 hours bugs
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23 / Male
Posted 1/19/14
hate hospitals, love cute nurses
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Posted 1/19/14 , edited 1/19/14
2004: Snapped my shoulder blade in half. My friend pegged me with a rock when I hit a double at the local BMX track.
2006: Severely sprained wrist. I cased the step up onto my operating table. For some stupid reason, I tried to catch myself when I hit the ground.
2007: Sprained ankle (3rd degree) for the third time that year. The first sprain happened when I got confused at a my local mx track and hit a blind double in fourth instead of third. I landed in the corner and hyper-extended my ankle. I hurt it two more times that season and finally went to the hospital when it really started giving me trouble.
2008: Crushed my T10 and T11 vertebrae while skiing. T9-T12 had to be fused together. I overshot an 80 foot table at Timberline because of an icy inrun. My bindings broke when I hit the ground and I basically landed in a sitting position.
2009: Fractured another vertebrae. Apparently it was an old fracture that I didn't know I had. It has been broken so many times that it will no longer heal without another surgery. I don't know how I originally did it, or when. I think I broke it again when I cartwheeled a 40 foot double.
2011: I found out that I had allergy induced asthma while stacking hay. I don't know why that hay was special but I had a severe asthma attack because of it. My boss couldn't even understand me when I called him to let him know I had to quit early. The nurse told me I shouldn't have driven myself to the hospital. Apparently my blood O2 levels (or something) were nearing the point where I would have passed out. Aside from not being able to breathe well, I felt fine.
2012: Stretched PCL and a few minor fractures in my knee. I gave up motocross after breaking my back. But I got on my friends bike for a few minutes of fun. I cased a sketchy 40 foot table and came down hard on my knee.
2012: Cut the tip of my finger off at work because I am an idiot.
2013: 2nd degree burns on my back and third degree burns on my left hand. My sweatshirt caught on fire when I brushed up against a heater in a hay shed.
2013: Broke a bone in my foot while longboarding.

I think those are all my trips to hospitals. I have had a lot of sprained ankles, a few concussions, and some other minor injuries that weren't worth a hospital bill. I don't like spending time in hospitals, so I avoid them if I can.
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