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Post Reply Muromi-san: It's beach episode EVERY episode!
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Posted 5/22/13 , edited 5/23/13
Written by Dai_Loli

It's a nice, quiet day on the pier for Takurou, a young fishing enthusiast boy who seemingly spends most of his free time on this hobby. He yawns and flings his bait into the sea. Not a minute later, something bites! It's a big one, so he stands up and pulls with all he's got, only to witness a mermaid jump out of the sea, his fishing line attached to her mouth. She screams "RAGWORMS ARE DELICIOUS!", passes over his head and splashes on the other side of the pier. Unbeknown to him, Takurou has just opened the door to a whole new world under the sea, filled with wonder, mystery... and hilarity.

After the ridiculous yet exciting opening theme where the cast of the anime swim (and fly) to save the planet from a crashing meteor, we are reunited with the mermaid contorting in pain on the pier, pleading Takurou to free her from the hook. He proceeds to help her and asks her name, "Muromi", she replies casually, as if a mermaid meeting a human boy was an every day kind of thing. Takurou, now officially nicknamed "Takkun" by Muromi, quickly learns she isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and has energy to spare. Inexplicably taking a liking to him, Muromi returns to visit her new human friend often, inviting her many exotic friends over to show him off. The cast of mythical creatures she calls friends, the stories they have to tell, the wacky situations they get into and Takkun's reactions to all of this insanity are what Muromi-san is all about, and it's making quite a splash in the season's line-up!

The creator of Muromi-san seems to have a hard-on for mythical creatures as a new one is introduced pretty much every episode. The thing is... they're far from what we expected them to be. The Leviathan from the Old Testament, a fierce sea monster able to destroy the planet, is actually a laid back mermaid-like girl, the fabled Yeti is really a small, adorable, fluffy female creature, a harpy is so incredibly dumb it forgets anything it learns after taking three steps and Japanese mythology goddess Otohime, daughter of the God of the sea, works at a fishing goods shop.

Their relationship with Muromi dates back to quite a while as well. Were you thinking a few years? Try millions. From the stories Muromi and her friends tell, they've been around since the Earth's very creation, witnessing the migration of marine animals to land and the extinction of dinosaurs. If that wasn't hard enough to believe already, Muromi was apparently taught history by Poseidon himself, she witnessed Noah's Ark, celebrated the Battle of Troy like it was a fireworks display, oh, and the reason behind the storms that destroyed the troops and supplies of the Mongol invasion of Japan? She was having a live concert with her mermaid friends and their singing voices caused the storms. Yup.

When it isn't making gags about how freakishly long the mermaids have lived, mythical creatures we thought we knew well or Takkun exposing chronologically impossible situations like using cellphones and drinking canned beers thousands of years ago, the anime displays a healthy sense of humor that's at times a lot more brutal than you'd expect for such a colorful and light-hearted anime. Dolphin bones are broken, boobs are abused and stabbed and small animals are screamed to death. All in good fun, though!

There's a fair amount of fan service since most of the cast is basically only wearing a bikini top at all times, but it's never done in bad taste. None of the characters show any hint of sexual deviancy, either! No sir! Although... Muromi enjoys being injected with jellyfish poison a little too much, a certain fish gets his kick out of his joints getting dislocated and Muromi takes pleasure in torturing her well-endowed friend's breasts, but everyone's either Sadist or Masochist, right? I learned that in Inu x Boku SS.

Muromi-san being a short 12-minute show, I'm afraid saying any more would spoil some of the fun of discovering Muromi-san's world and zany cast of legendary characters, so I'll close this up here. It doesn't weigh itself down with a plot or any sort of drama and just concentrates on delivering quality entertainment. If you're itching for a quick fix of humor and skipped over this little pearl of a show, Muromi-san is an excellent choice and my personal favorite comedy of the season!
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Posted 6/3/13
You are a talented writer. Loved this!
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Posted 6/4/13
Thanks for the support! (T-T)b
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Posted 6/19/13
Is it just me, or does Takurou look like a "chibi-fied" version of Kamijou Touma?

This was a good read. I wonder why something like this wasn't done before so we could get some feed back from our articles. :p
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Posted 6/28/13
He really does!

And I know right? It's awesome to see these on the forums now. Always wanted to see if they could spawn some discussions and whatnot. Now if they could actually remember to use the screencaps I provide them...!

Also, I retract my "There's a fair amount of fan service since most of the cast is basically only wearing a bikini top at all times, but it's never done in bad taste." statement after episode 12. Lol.
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