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Created by eightcar
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Post Reply Why do you hate Makoto Ito (school days)
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Posted 12/15/13

So as youcanseechildren, this is what happenswhen teensare left to care for themselves

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Posted 12/16/13

Schmeh172 wrote:

Because he does all of the WRONG things in a relationship with someone like Kotonoha, leading to the girl having psychological trauma the likes that caused her to go all yandere 'nd shit.

Plus he gets all the pussy without lifting a finger...

^^^ Ah, so you are jealous

Schmeh172 wrote:

MikiSayaka wrote:

I'm a male, I despise him. He had a perfect girlfriend, and he cheated, lied, manipulated, and pretty much abused everyone who cared about him.
He's pretty much everything I hate in people rolled into one little ball of shit.
I've never felt so much hatred towards any other character, live action, anime, or real person.

Also, I actually enjoy the show because not many shows are able to stir up emotions like that one, even if they are bad emotions. So kudo's to the writer. But that character is a shitbag.

Disregard what I said earlier,

I'm gonna go with this...

^^^ Can't backtrack now, you are jealous and don't want to admit to it now
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