region licensing - i quit crunchyroll
Posted 5/30/13
I've been a premium member since 2009. As of today i have canceled my membership.

It is absolutely unfair that american members get to watch lots of shows that I do not have access to. We do pay the same charges and thus should get the same content.

I do understand that region licensing is a distributor issue, and not crunchyroll's fault. But it should be understandable that I am the final user - I can't contact the distributors themselves and I don't even know who they are - so this should be done by crunchyroll's staff as they have the power over it - not me.

For so long I have supported crunchyroll thinking they would deal with this at least to some extent - but I was wrong. As the years went by, I've witnessed lots of shows being added to their region-exclusive catalog while my access got diminished.

It is unfortunate, but from now on I have no other choice than supporting pirate subtitling groups, since the official companies do not seem to care for the foreign market I belong to, and no one else involved in the process seem to care either.

This is frustrating.
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Posted 5/30/13
I can understand where your coming from, but i think this issue is a bit more complicated than Crunchyroll just asking for the rights...

I don't know how any of this works but im sure CR has their reasons. It's unfortunate you quit premium...
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Posted 5/30/13 , edited 5/30/13

bberg wrote:

I've been a premium member since 2009. As of today i have canceled my membership.

2009? You're patient, but almost four years can grow that thin. But that step that you were waiting for didn't really deliver as you hoped in that time.

Make your quiting official here:
(Cut the cord completely. Or, check in and back again every so half a year to see if things changed.)

I wish you well.
Posted 5/30/13 , edited 5/30/13
Just for it to be stated, Crunchyroll does in fact attempt to get shows to be aired on the website in as many regions as possible. Region restrictions are not the fault of Crunchyroll. Unfortunately, licensors do not have the right to permit shows to be watched in all territories. Shows that are available in certain territories have been secured by licensors and available to watch. While it is unfair, such issues cannot be controlled. Most here in the Crunchyroll community are thankful for the shows that are available. Providing these shows in general is a tedious process to begin with.

Also, this thread is considered more of a personal thread/rant.
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