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27 / M / Texas
Posted 6/10/13
I just tried out Ragnarok Online 2 yesterday, and I thought that was pretty good, only spent about 2 hours on it though so, take that opinion with a grain of salt.
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17 / M / Like-hell-I'm-dea...
Posted 6/11/13
Hmph, Those games you all recommended are good.


Nothing beats Phantasy Star Online 2!!!!!!!!!
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20 / M / canada,on,woodstock
Posted 6/14/13
Dragon Nest for me
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Posted 6/24/13 , edited 6/24/13
RO2 has teh best Anime avatar type characters, But it is lacking alot. But I have hopes for Final Fantasy a realm reborn becoming really good since it will be a console based MMO and I have a PS3
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24 / M / Ontario
Posted 6/26/13

ichigokudasaki wrote:

its never going to be like sword art online and until it is there's always going to be something missing

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Posted 7/5/13
Really, Ragnarok 2 is the best anime MMO I've played in a long while. I'm picky with MMOs, because I've played so many.

The crafting and the fighting is fun, which is something that rarely has a good balance.

Been playing it for over a month now, and got some friends hooked on it. Good times.
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26 / M / lost
Posted 7/18/13 , edited 7/18/13
Has anyone else ever tried Dragonball Online????? A large percent of the game is in either Korean or Chinese depending on where you download it, but there is an english patch that helps with anything important you need to read.

I played it for awhile it was really fun, you start as a child like goku and at around level 20 you learn to fly and then do a mission and you turn into an adult. You can choose to be a sword fighter or just fighter, or other classes/races such as namekian or majin.
It was so fun just flying around grinding on dinosaurs and other tough mobs, then you can just stop off to check out waterfalls and small villages and numerous of other cool things.
The fighting system wasnt bad either eventually you can even perform a finishing type move where you knock opponents into the air and back down. Also had all the ki attacks, kaoken, ssj. Very fun and was my favorite mmorpg

Really would like to know if anyone else has played it and what they thought of it.
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27 / M / USA
Posted 7/19/13
eden eternal atm waiting for lime odyessy if it ever comes out
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Posted 7/19/13
R.I.P Dungeon Fighter Online. I played Mabinogi for the last well... Since it came out of beta pretty much so... Five years? The game has it's bugs and issues but the main issue is ANYTHING to do with NEXON That company is like EA's retarded cousin in the closet. It's kind of sad but there aren't to to many anime MMO's I know off. I really want to find a new game to play to.
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20 / M / Newark, NJ
Posted 7/20/13
been playing final fantasy xiv a real reborn
so far it is awesome
lucky i got in the beta
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