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Cosplay Ideas???
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Posted 6/2/13
Hey Guys!! Im going to my first anime convention in August (Otakon )
But i dont know who to cosplay.
Im asking you guys to give me some awesome female characters for me to cosplay. btw i cannot sew for my life so im going to have to piece together the pieces or but the costume online. THANKS
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35 / M
Posted 6/2/13
Everyone seems to want Attack on Titan so there is your mission.
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24 / M
Posted 6/6/13
Well, it depends on what you're type. You could go in for some sexy, Tengen Toppa I saw from http://cosplaysushi.com/ or you could go for the sweet Sakura of Naruto. Anyway, you could also be Fionna from Adventure Time It'll work great.
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27 / M / Eagan, MN
Posted 6/9/13
I personally don't like seeing the popular characters or overly saturated cosplays (like Naruto, Bleach, Attack on Titan, Death Note, etc.)

With that said, there are plenty of good ideas that you don't see very many off. For example:

Shinobu from Bakemonogatari.
Any of the angeloids from Sora no Otoshimono.
Ayu from Kanon.
Popura from Working!!.
Kurisu from Steins;Gate.

With any of these (minus the angeloids) you could probably make yourself with very little to no extra work. Things like gluing wings on to a backpack or getting goggles for your helmet. Also, keep in mind that you don't have to make your own cosplay. No one really cares if you did or not. What's important is that you make it look good and act the part if needed.
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23 / M / Colorado
Posted 6/17/13
Is there typically an overload of State Alchemists? I bet that'd be fun
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29 / F
Posted 6/17/13
Attack on titan would be a great choice. It's the hottest anime this year.
I'd like to cosplay as Eren Jaeger and I bought my cosplay costumes at Cosplaysky.
The costumes are custom made and fiit me very well.
Hope I could help you.
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Posted 6/20/13
What i suggest is you just youtube previous Anime Conventions that always helps me find and see cool costumes.
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25 / M / NJ
Posted 6/22/13
Do a gender bender . Those are always fun and leave room for you to be creative since your kinda making it up. Saw a cool female version of Death the kid, Vega from sf, Katsura and others earlier in the month.
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Posted 11/26/13
Closed because the time has passed for helping with this specific request and we now have a shared suggestions thread for such inquiries.


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