Which anime character's personality best fits your own?
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Posted 6/3/13 , edited 6/3/13
The point of this thread is to find an anime character that has a personality similar to your own. Post a picture of that character and explain why you think that character is like you. The gender of the character and weather the character looks like you does not matter, just the personality of the character matters.


Yoshino Naganohara


I feel her personality best fits mine in many ways and one of the main reasons is how she treats her little sister Mio, it is exactly the way I treat my little sister Brooke on a daily basis. I love to play little pranks from time to time from messing with her snacks and dressing in random outfits at random times just to get a little reaction out of her which ends the same way you see in the anime... getting punched or slapped. Like her I also have innovative ideas and schemes of getting out of random chores and/ or jobs usually by tricking friends, family members, or some random person who just so happened to be in the general area into doing it, and like her when I feel like I am a little loose on change I come up with some weird random idea in making money such as chasing your sister in some random costum until she pays you to leave her alone. I feel despite the pranking and scamming that she is nice carefree individual like myself who just tries to lighten the mood every once in awhile.
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Posted 6/6/13 , edited 6/6/13
To continue the Nichijou theme:
NAME: Yuuko Aioi
ANIME: Nichijou

I find myself to be very much like Yuuko Aioi. We are both a little dense and can seem off at times, but we are still trying our best to be good people. We are very carefree, except when we get upset by our own stupidity, and can be quite forgetful while having trouble keeping track of things. Despite being clueless we often seem to be the only people to notice things around us and often fail to bring those things to others attention. I feel that this strange mix of observant-blindness describes me as a person perfectly.
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Posted 6/8/13
NAME: Risa Koizumi
ANIME: Lovely Complex

So Risa is probably the character I am closest to in character. With are both super tall, can be super loud and clumsy but we are pretty good people. She's not super smart nor super pretty but she always has a good heart. A lot of times we aren't funny through juoke but through actions. In the past I have had a lot of the same struggles as her with our height. We also both play otome games which is quite funny. I don't know I just think Risa is probably the actually anime version of me.
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Posted 6/9/13 , edited 6/9/13
Hmmmmmm, Ritsu makes sense, yes.
I wouldn't cut my hair for her role, however, it's taken a while to grow my hair as long as I've grown it, and it's thick too.

I like Ritsu, luckily!
I'm pretty gentle though, as a person, my personality's more similar to Mio's.
A Sakuragaoka Uniform would be much easier to find, and cheaper than a Kaniyama High uniform.

Before the next anime con, which I think is in Winter, I'll think about prepping a cosplay for Ritsu :)

I wanted to cosplay as genderbend Nasujima, but I couldn't find a suit similar to his

I'm not sure how the jacket's supposed to be done. The buttons, according to my friend, are hidden. But I still don't know how i'd do so. Anime logic.
Side note: His thighs are like 3x smaller than mine, not sure if I could correctly cosplay him, even genderbent.
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Posted 6/12/13
meant to post this in the other look alike related thread.
Goddamit, I'm so confused!
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