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Posted 6/5/13
It seems to me that CR is only getting about 50% of the total content currently airing in Japan. Is it a matter of money? Would the monthly rate have to go to $19.99 to support this? I'm willing.
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Posted 6/5/13 , edited 6/5/13
Even though this is true, there simply isn't a way for one website to legally air every single latest anime. Of course it partly is a matter of money, but it will be a lot more that $19.99 per person to support this leap just to get them to licence the current selection to every country CR extends to.
If you're willing to generously donate an anonymous 7-figure sum, be my guest.

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Posted 6/5/13

Hibikinator wrote:

Or just go to a different website, I recommend []

Yeah. Can't refer people to other Anime sites that aren't legal on these forums.

As for the topic, $19.99 a month would so turn off a lot of people including myself. The other Anime series are actually distributed to other legal Anime sites like FUNi and TAN. To combine services will probably get close to or over/under $19.99. It might be totally 100%, but it's as much content as one can handle anyway.
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Posted 6/5/13
But the folks at CR are good at picking and choosing. This spring season has been quite full of things to watch. I doubt we need to have ALL THE SHOWS to have a positive experience here.
Posted 6/19/13
I like the current pricing.
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Posted 6/20/13 , edited 6/20/13
CR could have a donation button somewhere or something. Technically subscriptions account for server costs, human resources, etc... as well as licensing. A donation button would be money only for licensing. Depending on the region of the user donating, the money would go into licensing for that region. Something like this may take a lot of work but I don't think its right to force a higher price on everyone who is happy with the current standard price just so they can acquire more shows.

A donation button with the reasoning above makes sure that money is being used only for the purpose you wanted (licensing) and only for the region you want. Doesn't make sense for someone in UK to donate to help for the costs of licensing in USA does it?

Other companies are always going to be competing and you really can't do anything about that unless you start monopolizing. That's not such a good idea either cause a monopoly is able to set whatever price it wants.
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