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27 / M / UK
Posted 8/10/13
Finally added most of the FCs here, was a while before I could get access to internet on my 3ds.
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28 / F
Posted 12/3/13
Hey everyone! I have a bunch of extra items I'm looking to trade for if anyone is interested. It's mostly Balloon and Mush series but there are a few extra bits. If you have a question about an item then let me know that too.

What I have:

What I'm looking for:
Regal wall
Bath Tile
or anything from the Princess series
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20 / Canada
Posted 3/24/14
I'm currently looking for people to add on my 3DS so we could visit towns, communicate, share furniture, etc..
My freind code is 3926-5806-0943. Send me a pm, so I can add you back. I'm a little shy and still new to visiting new towns 'n such.
I'm also looking for the Sweets Series too, if your willing to help me get them. :3
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19 / F / long beach,ca
Posted 3/24/14

StreetPass has finally come to Long Beach, California. What is StreetPass you say? StreetPass is a feature present in every Nintendo 3DS system that allows users to exchange data from games & applications that the two own. It is on regardless of whether the 3DS is in sleep mode or not and automatically acts when another 3DS user walks within the console's range. With it, players can acquire new features in games that they own and obtain the Miis of 3DS users that walk past them. If one wishes, they can turn the feature off completely or assign the games that they want it to work with. Several games have made use of this function in unique ways. Other content that can be transmitted include puzzle piece for Puzzle Swap messages from the user.

So all of you Nintendo 3DS users in or around the Long Beach area, let's get out there in the name of competing with class and making friends!


(art done By: Bloody-kiss to visit the artist blog vist )
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22 / M / I haven't been th...
Posted 11/30/14
I have a friend code: 1306-6669-1934
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31 / M
Posted 12/4/14
Started to play this game again.
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18 / F
Posted 3/22/15
i want
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