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Your favorite outfit an anime girl could wear?
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35 / M / Hawaii-Wisconsin
Posted 6/6/13

Feelicks wrote:

Let's all not forget Asuka's bodysuit.

Revolver Dogelot
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Posted 6/6/13 , edited 6/6/13

Feelicks wrote:
Open buttoned shirt

It is pretty obvious where you are trying to go with this thread Freelicks, fortunately the others have a bit of a sense of humor and or .... taste. This thread will eventually attract the wrong crowd though and when the op starts on the wrong foot you can't really blame it.

Also we have been over this before. Posting a question as a thread title then writing less than a full sentence for your OP is not okay. You have to write something that actually encourages discussion, not a picture thread or a "yes" "no" response.

Shrapnel is right, this is the end of the thread.

Locked and closed.
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