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Posted 6/10/13
make it like hulu so you dont have to find the newest episodes
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Posted 6/10/13 , edited 6/10/13

grinder3125 wrote:

make it like hulu so you dont have to find the newest episodes

Your post doesn't make it very clear exactly what part of the "subscribe" feature of hulu you want to see an equivalent of for CR on Roku. I personally hate the way Hulu handles most things on Roku.

That said, the CR queue is very much like subscribe. if you create a CR queue, then the queue will show up on the Roku when you link your account, and when new episodes of a show become available they will show up under that show on the Roku. While episodes won't disappear as you watch them, the Roku does do a pretty good job of advancing you to the next unwatched episode in a show when you go into that show. The one thing it doesn't do is remember where within an episode you left off if you only partially watched it on some other device. (It does remember where you left off if you last watched it on the Roku.)

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Posted 6/12/13
I'm not sure if this is the same thing as the OP asks, but I had left a suggestion in the general "suggestion" thread a while ago to add a new row to the roku display that basically emulates this page:

Adding to your queue is one thing, and that works well enough for how it is designed, but to find the shows that have just become available on simulcast, you still have to go back and visit the web page, or go through your queue, one show at a time, to see if the latest episode appears there now. A "recently updated" stripe (all anime shows) would keep you more current without having to have your PC on, and might even encourage you to watch something you passed by at first, or possibly even didn't know about (not me, of course )

There's a "recently watched" row for your viewing history, but not a "recently updated" one.
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