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Post Reply Xbox One or PS4?
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31 / M / Texas
Posted 6/8/14
I have an Xbox One. I've always preferred Microsoft over Sony. I bought a Day One edition Xbox One, and I received a free standard Xbox One from Microsoft. I have to continue unlocking achievements and raising my gamerscore. My gamerscore is currently sitting at 363,000.
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Posted 6/8/14 , edited 6/8/14
I'm gonna buy the PS4, as Sony has way more experience in the gaming scene than Microsoft has.
+ I hate most western games because they tend to be short, simple-story, reptitive gameplay, multiplayer-focused and overpriced(I'm not gonna pay 60$ for a 10 hours campaign lol) so I am definetly getting a PS4 for the exclusives and better games overall(as xbone is focused on the dude-bros(casuals), and Sony is more focused on core gamers(and hardcore gamers as well due to their niche-market in Japan))and that is what's best for me.

This gen my set-up is going to be:
PC + PS4 + 3DS(so many amazing exclusives!!)

And maybe the Vita and the WiiU as well
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Posted 6/10/14
Xbox One.

And since they are currently behind on the PS4, I expect them to push harder on releasing even more games and listening to player feedback to update the One to more awesomeness. But so far, very satisfied with it. But really after E3, looks like 2015 is when people should really take a hard look at next gen.

And really 2015 seems too optimistic for a Zelda release date...
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Posted 6/11/14
I have a ps4 bought it at launch just like I did with the ps3. Its not a matter of whether or not its going to have good games its just a matter of when. All consoles have had good games I just personally prefer playstation exclusives to xbox's so I have no problem jumping in early. I would eventually like to own all 3 gen 8's because they all have some pretty good looking upcoming titles I just can't justify purchasing a console for only a handful of exclusives when I know if a game is multiplat I'll be buying it on ps4. Also my brother has an xbone and he's had a constant stream of issues with it since he bought it so I'll hold off for now
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