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why more manga than the anime its self
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Posted 6/15/13
Many times an anime being adapted from manga eventually burns through the source material (especially when the manga is still running) and either has to a)create a new ending or story just for the anime b)end the anime with no ending c)pause the anime or create a new series to finish it off later(not very common so don't hope for this one). Manga can have a really slow serialization schedule so if an anime is based on a manga not finished yet it usually will run out of material. The only time anime can be 100% true to a manga is when the manga was complete before the anime was made and the anime doesn't have broadcast restraints ex. movies or ova.
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Posted 12/31/13
probably because people likes anime more than the manga, lets see... if the anime follows the manga precisely without filters (especially popular ones like naruto) people wont be buying the manga anymore, since you could pretty much watch the anime for free (unlike manga you could watch it on tv in japan). Also, if the anime catch up with the manga, wouldn't they run out of story? they would pretty much rushing things out and the story wont match with the manga that well. well... im not really sure, those are just my guess.
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Posted 8/25/14
It's annoying.
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Posted 8/25/14 , edited 8/25/14

Animeman77 wrote:
have you ever noticed how an anime usualy goes half way through how much information the mange gives for example Reborn stops when byakuran is defeated but the mange still goes alot further and bleach stops when he defeats ginjo but the in the manga theres a whole new set of action.

Animation is expensive and used as an advertising method when adapting existing manga/light novel titles. Most series adapt around 3 chapters per episode, give or take. And few are greenlit for more than 26 episodes at a time. Which means if it does well and they want a S2, it often takes another year+ before they can storyboard and get production ready, secure a timeslot, etc.

If an anime doesn't push a large enough increase in sales for the original manga/LN or merchandise, etc. it will rarely get another season, even if the disc sales seem adequate. And if the anime fails to the point the production committee is getting hosed several million dollars, you can guarantee they won't do another season too ;)

This is the reason why you will rarely see an anime produced for a manga or LN series that has already been completed: Fandom mindshare fades quickly, and there is little business incentive to drop money on it at that point. And also the reason why a very common time for one to be adapted is shortly before the series is scheduled to finish serialization -- it's still on peoples minds and putting out new volumes, the studio loses the chance to push sales if they wait much longer and its ended already, and it's often at peak popularity having been out for awhile. (Also allows them to do the manga ending instead of anime original)
Posted 9/11/14
Anime producers only produce what is profitable, therefore they would only choose to make a second season of a show that would garner more sales over producing an entirely new series. This is difficult as it filters out people who haven't seen the first season and are therefore uninterested in the second season. Only when the demand is sufficient, will a second season be produced. They have no obligation to produce something which they will not profit over.
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Posted 9/11/14 , edited 9/11/14

Sogno- wrote:

popularity of the anime... even if the manga is popular it doesn't cost as much to produce as anime does, so anime requires more money and if they're not getting enough viewers then they'll just run a season or two

im sure Bleach was pretty popular
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Posted 12/23/15
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