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You guys remember
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Posted 2/16/14 , edited 2/16/14
Yeah I remember Veoh... alongside all the bad memory of using it...
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Posted 2/16/14
I used it back to watch Naruto Shippuden. I would download the video player and download the files onto my computer. It was a really good feature especially since I was too scared to torrent lol
Though it was a real pain to delete the files once you downloaded them since I was using a Mac at the time.
I remember having to wipe the HDD clean and re-install the OS to get those damn files out of it.

I only use veoh now though if im looking for the odd out anime opening that youtube keeps removing the audio from lol
even then veoh is of little use. It's like myspace now for anime viewers.
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Posted 12/27/15
Year-end cleaning. Closing threads with no new posts since 2014.
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