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Posted 6/14/13 , edited 6/15/13
In all codes provided, remove the [size text="20px"]* to make it work.

To change the size of your text you must type in the following:

[*style size="...px](text)[*/style]

the PX must be in the code!



ok time for a bit of basic text styling.

Up above a typing box are the options to bold, italicize, and underline.

Bold is [*b]BOLLDDD[*/b]

Italics is [*i]ITALICSSSS[*/i]

Underlining is [*u]UNDERLINE[*/u]
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Posted 6/14/13
Coloring has a great number of choices here for coding. I will list a good number of the names to try and do a few examples.
Warning though, I shall not name them all. If you do have one you are curious about but unsure please feel free to ask

General coloring:
General colors are given to you at the top of a reply space. The colored boxes given at the top near the "Image Upload" are just the basics. Their coding is the simplest of all.

Red is [*red]text[*/red]

Blue is [*blue]text[*/blue]

Yellow is [*yellow]text[*/yellow]

Green is [*green]text[*/green]

Orange is [*orange]text[*/orange]

Purple is [*purple]text[*/purple]

Alright time for the more tricky ones. Now let's say there is a certain color you wanna use that isn't a basic. The code below is where u put the name in without spacing between the words that make up the color.

[*style color="colornamehere"] [*/style]


[*style color="seagreen"]This is an example of Sea Green[*/style]

will look like This is an example of Sea Green
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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
OK time for the next stuff that's up there on that bar above the typing space.

you see a little icon that has quotations next to it? where the U is? That's to quote something. To quote, type in the code below.

Example [*quote] ENTER TEXT HEREERERERE~[*/quote]

Note: you can also use the quote by selecting the text and clicking the botton OR by clicking the button and typing the text you want inside the window that pops up.

next is the ! Symbol. this is to place something in a spoiler. To do this, use the code given OR click the button just as u would if you were quoting.

Alright now time for the giant orange dot that looks like this . but isn't a square xD That button is for when you wanna put someones username in somewhere and then when you click their name it sends you to their profile. you can either click the button or type in the code.

here is an example:

[*user]roselina666[*/user] will become roselina666

WOOT next is the little envelope! it's the same as all the otehr stuff up there ^ so i'll give a random address i don't use anymore:

[*email][email protected][*/email] is gonna be [email protected]

Note: You need to be signed into your email to make that work. It will automatically send you to an email compose page where you will make your email and all that.

Now it's time for that chain looking symbol. The chain stands for hot link. Hot linking is when you want to post a link and when you click on it, it sends you to that page. it works the same as all the others.

[*url][*/url] will become

ALRIGHT For a final note, if you need information on the last button with the overlapping squares, go to my Pictures page here on the group.

Also if your link goes over the edge like mine did up there then put it in a quote!

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