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13 / F / Not Heaven
Posted 11/29/14
I've had different religion teachers in the past (my school counts religion in its curriculum). The one I had in 6th grade said that Heaven is not a place, but a state of being with God. It was really unimaginable. I couldn't imagine just, NOT being anywhere. I mean, even if you're floating in space, you're still somewhere--in space. But Heaven, is not a place, but a state of being. My teacher in 7th grade (who's in a convent now, training to be a sister or nun, I forgot) didn't talk much about Heaven, but it's eternal happiness with God. In fact, who and what is God? I remember in 4th grade we were talking about that, and my teacher said that God could even be a girl. But the Bible refers to him as "Father" so we can safely say he's a man, right? But then again, the Bible is a collection of stories passed on and passed on. When you tell a story, sometimes you make minor changes and stuff. So maybe the "minor changes" was naming God as a man. Well, I'm going off topic now, so see ya
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22 / M / Kansas >.>
Posted 12/4/14
not sure, then again, I won't ever see it since I'm told I'm going to hell >.>
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19 / M / Purgatory
Posted 12/17/14 , edited 12/17/14
Heaven, I suppose, is paradise. That's all we can know. That's all we do know. Best to wait and see!
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35 / M / Small Wooded town...
Posted 12/17/14
Heaven is paradise, Sounds a lot like Santa Claus... Yes better be good for goodness sake or you get no gifts under the tree.

Better believe in god for godness sake or you not go to heaven and you burn in Hell for ever!

Any how in most Christian and Catholic belief systems wen you die and go to heaven, your going there to serve god not for paradise.

More like a slave who has no choice but to deal with a powerful child with superpowers and all his whims.
Yes I see the god character is much like a small child, he builds something (humans) plays with them, gets board so he wipes the race out a few time, and he get jealous if someone else plays with his toys. (his hate for other gods.) Huge signs of god being nothing more than a child playing with toys.
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