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Posted 6/16/13 , edited 6/16/13
If you enable autoplay and it changes video it won't enter fullscreen again.
Can you please add so it enters fullscren on new video?

If someone reads this and want it, It is possible you can use this program to do it:
And here is a version i made that works with opera (And more):
One Punch Mod
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Posted 6/16/13
For Chrome users, beardfist created an extension that does this (and some other useful things). See his profile page for more info.
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Posted 6/19/13 , edited 6/19/13
What about for people who use firefox any addon that does this? Also If Crunchyroll could implement this officially that would be even better I'd rather not have to click on full screen again and again between each episode it should autoplay the next video and stay in fullscreen without the user having to do anything would be great for those marathon sessions
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Posted 6/22/13
Both the version i made and the original works with firefox, I know it isn't as good as an addon, but it is better then nothing...
The difference between the programs and the chrome addon is the way they work:

Step1: It looks at the title of the active window, if the title has "Crunchyroll - Watch" in it it will continue to step 2
step 2: search the window for a image (Thats what the image file is for) then if it finds it continue to step 3
step 3: Click on the image then move mouse to top left corner.

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