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Post Reply Stream Consistently Skips 10-20 Seconds
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Posted 6/6/14 , edited 6/6/14
Now that the paywall has come down I started to stream CR on my 360 again.

I remember dealing with a lot of skipping a year ago, and was kind of hoping that it would have at least been marginally resolved, but it's really worse than ever.

Not only do you encounter those spots where things permanently skip(rewinding past the skip will just trigger the skip again), but now I get small little temporary skips almost every episode as well where I can rewind past where the skip was and it'll just play normally as if there was never an issue in the first place.

It sucks because I was really hoping to get some use out of my 360 again, but I really can't stand to have to constantly turn my controller back on, then rewind to try to see what I had just missed for the last 15 seconds or so while trying to watch any given episode of a show.
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Posted 6/12/14
Okey, the date of this comment is 12.06.2014!! And I confirm from just watching Hunter X Hunter on my Xbox that the shipping problem is still here... I have paid for premium for about 3 months just because there is an Xbox app and I really like to watch Anime on my HD TV. But like everybody else is saying, there is 1 to several 10-20 seconds skips in every god damn episode. Plz don't ignore this thread and do something about it!
Maybe ask the Netflix team for some help? Cause I have no problems watching movies on their Xbox app.
From an annoyed Norwegian guy trying to watch Anime in peace

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