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Post Reply The "Anime is a Cartoon" Argument.
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Posted 5 days ago

xAnimeMadx wrote:

In my mind cartoons are for kids. Anime is based from manga/light novels and is a higher quality of animation and more complex than a cartoon.

E.g Tom & Jerry= Cartoon
Btooom!= Anime

Here's another cartoon pointed at adults:

It's not even bakshi this time!

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Posted 5 days ago
A motion picture using animation techniques to photograph a sequence of drawings rather than real people or objects.
Japanese movie and television animation

Cultural difference only.
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Posted 5 days ago , edited 5 days ago

windsagio wrote:

valvravefangirl wrote:
The thing is though that is just a real fact since we are all influenced even if we don't want to be by cultural prejudices or a better word would be cultural differences. Anime is different because if it wasn't then this argument wouldn't be here in the first place and all animation would be regarded as similar. We are all shaped by different experiences in different nations and we can't help that but that doesn't make it backwards. What we need to do is realize this and acknowledge it and then continue on to be open-minded despite knowing that.

Cultural differences though the way you mention them seem like people are making things to be as set apart but if anything cultural differences are what make us unique and not cookie cutter. It should be embraced.

Those cultural differences thus lead to unique developments in technology and various other trends in the world and in this case anime.

My whole thing is that people are desperately parsing 'anime' (animation) away from 'cartoons' (animation) because of the specific cultural connotations they have around the word 'cartoon'.

A subset is fine, but to use an example above GI Joe is a LOT more like Gundam than it is like Wizards.

I see what you mean. I mean anime is cartoons if we are referring to it as animation. I guess also what it all comes to though is perhaps the debate going on here is that "anime" and "cartoons" have become so much like slang and pop culture related that as you said 'anime' (animation) is being set apart from 'cartoons' (animation) because of the specific cultural connotations they have around the word 'cartoon'.

Still at this point it will be a disservice to label anime as a cartoon given that in general pop culture it has by now just gained a connection to more western animation. Maybe it is time for people to just see it as a new category because of anime's widespread evolution through the years. I feel it has gone beyond just merely being called a cartoon since anime being called a cartoon really doesn't give it credit.

I am aware that anime is a cartoon-animation although what I want to say is I hope everyone would want to re-evaluate in the way it is refereed to as a cartoon since many people in society see cartoons as children's entertainment. Sometimes I feel what with the world always changing perhaps it is in the best interest of everyone to re-evaluate the way we use words in our pop culture. If this happened perhaps less misunderstandings would happen.
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Posted 4 days ago
Anime is a cartton, only gonna say this once more. Anime is an art style of a cartoon. Just like in art you have many painting techniques or in music you have genres. I love anime as much as the other guy, but I am not blinded by my passion not to see that anime is a cartoon.
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