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Created by shinobi425
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Post Reply What next Gen Console are you getting?
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Posted 2/8/14
My friend bought the's a glorified paperweight. he uses his xbox 360 more than it. I don't like the new controller at all and the "MOVE" functions worse than my kinect. Idk im not a big fan of motion gaming......but i understand the future capabilities. they just need to work on the tech and fix it.

I don't at all consider myself an MS fanboy. i liked having a wii for parties to play things like marioparty and old NES and SNES and N64 titles. Plus i always loved pokemon titles so i'd always have a nintendo handheld for that purpose (plus scribblenauts). I had all playstation consoles up to PS3 but honestly thats where i drew the line. The ps3 was a letdown to me.......the exclusive titles got lamer and the damn network was hacked like a bajillion times. Plus on a free network i was faced with playing against alot of punk kids and wannabe thugs.

Ive had MS consoles and loved them all, the network was great and i've made lasting friendships with alot of cool people but the biggest selling points for me were so many great exclusive titles and not just solo titles but great franchises like Halo and Fable. The MTG series has been pretty fun as well. And now Dead Rising is exclusive. Plus all the apps and the fact it acts as an in game DVR, social media, web browser, the new TV app.........idk i just dig this thing. The kinect doesnt bother me cause i cover it with a piece of carboard but i still get to use voice commands and i like the option of High Definition skyping with family and friends.

And if we want too get all the way real about "the better system" PC will always dominate the gaming market just based on value vs expandability and the amount of online users.
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Posted 2/9/14
Wii U and I'm not happy about it.just because my fav game Bayonetta 2 is coming exculsive to the Wii U so I can't do anything but buy the console
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