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What would your anime zombie team be ?
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21 / M / Texas
Posted 5/11/14
Lelouch V. Brittania (Code Geass)- Strategist / Leader
Trafalgar Law (One Piece)- Doctor
Revy (Black Lagoon)- Firearms Expertise / Marksman
Vash the Stampede (Trigun)- Firearms Expert / Marksman / Peacemaker
Me- Quartermaster / Historian

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Posted 5/11/14
Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail - So Many Swords! Plus armor.
Jin - Samurai Champloo - Also talented swordsman, but very smart as well.
Hiei - Yu Yu Hakusho - Speed and skill.
Sesshomaru - Inuyasha - Flight, useful. Speed, useful. Immunity, useful. Smell, useful. He does everything for me. Just ignore the part where raises the dead...
Me - I'll provide the combat music.
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22 / M
Posted 5/12/14
Zombies? I'll take them on myself. They are good appetizers.
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Posted 5/12/14 , edited 5/12/14
Zombie Bait

Team Leader




Entertainment (AKA mood lifter)

Narrator (C'mon, you NEED one in a zombie apocalypse)

Hideout ( Cuz you can't sleep on the open during a zombie apocalypse )

(Not from an anime, but who cares?)

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25 / M / 風の山
Posted 5/12/14
the rules does not make sense. normal and special abilities. you mean physical abilities?

if thats the case, there must be special exception to characters from zombie animes.

in that case, i'll take the crew of "is that a zombie?"

although i think you mean characters lose all of there special powers. suchs as a qi-less goku, a spiral energyless kamina, a hakiless and undevil fruit luffy d monkey.

but since everyone is choosing a powerhouse, ill take

jack from mar because he can make limitless food supply.

killua from hunter x hunter cuz he can rip all the zombies head to smithereen

yoshimori from keikkashi for the unlimited barriers against the occult and beastlyness

orehime from bleach or lime bell from accel world, to heal everyone and reverse the zombie effect

hell, if its one of the apocalypse that kills everyone on earth no matter what.

i'll take an engineer/doctor from accel world and someone with a copy of the program and to use and basically live my life until i am bored or with the other effects basically evade the zombies with my own skills.

Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 12/27/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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