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26 / F / In my own little...
Posted 6/18/13 , edited 6/18/13

In the beginning there was A Being. There was also an imperceptibly small and yet unimaginably massive ball of pure Existence. The Being wanted to create the perfect Universe, and so The Being added just enough of a spark to make that Existence explode. There was a Bang, for the tiniest fraction of a Second (or was it Billions of years?).

Over the course of Billions of years (or was it a fraction of a Second?) The Being carefully crafted giant balls of burning gas. They were so beautiful, that The Being wanted to embrace them, but because they were fragile, they smashed to pieces. But this made even bigger burning balls when the remnants banned together to become stronger. The Being was enthralled by this odd behavior, and began smashing more of the smaller burning balls. The fattier bits of the smaller burning balls (they were called Stars) soon clumped together, joining hands to unite around the huge burning balls they circled.

The Being carefully tempted the Stars toward each other. They moved ever closer to each other, and soon they were swirling about one another, not quite yet able to touch, but always getting closer.

Now, The Being observed what had been done. And then, The Being took interest in one particular clump of fatty Star remains. It was Perfect for what The Being wanted to accomplish.

And so The Being breathed a new sort of life onto the Perfect thing. The transformation started in the depths of the water. It slowly and bravely ventured onto dry land, and flourished there, always changing its form at The Beings gentle beckoning. It took new and more shapes, always branching out. Every once in a while, The Being would become angry with one of the new forms, and wipe its unworthy existence off the face of the Perfect Thing, but always feeling a pang of regret as soon as it was done.

(It cannot be undone)

And then, the Problem came to be. The Being was inattentive for one moment, and in this moment, the newest Life made the leap into Self Awareness. The Being was surprised, but pleased and proud. This Life was the Promised Child.

And so The Being looked after and taught the new Life. The Being had no name for this life, but they soon named themselves, “Human.”

And so Human learned. It learned of Fire, of Tools, of Agriculture and Husbandry. At first, Human was a wise student to The Being, living graciously off the land and killing only when hungry. But The Being was a doting Parent. Human was slowing getting more and more spoiled, more and more selfish, more and more evil. The Being took no notice, in a perfect state of denial. Human was the Perfect Life on the Perfect Thing.

But as Human grew outwards and then upwards, they fought one another. The Being chided them lightly, and began to grow worried. The Perfect Life developed worse weapons with which to fight, and The Being wondered if there was anything more to be done to stop this downward spiral. But Human was too greedy. It wanted more, and more, and more.

Then, one day (or did it happen in a million years?) Human made The Disaster. The power and destruction was unthinkable in the eyes of The Being.

(This has got to stop)

The Being tried to save Human. Especially since not all of them were bad. But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, as Human had liked to say. And deep down, The Being knew.

(It was too late)

Human became more corrupt, more distrusting, and even started to hate The Being. The ones that didn’t, who said they loved The Being, used The Being’s name (I have a name?) to do horrible things to each other.

Human tried to play The Being’s game. Dabbled in things it should not have.

(This was not supposed to happen)

And so The Being had to put an end to it. With one mighty sweep, The Being crumpled the Universe into itself, breaking down everything that had been so painstakingly built.

And in the End (or was it?) there was A Being. There was also an imperceptibly small and yet unimaginably massive ball of pure Existence. And then, The Being got nostalgic…
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26 / F / In my own little...
Posted 6/18/13
So yeah... owo
I suddenly had this idea in my Paleoecology of Terrestrial Ecosystems class today |D
I'm quite proud of how deep and shit this is, so y'all best appreciate it.
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28 / M / with Dampé by the...
Posted 6/19/13

I like how it starts to 'cycle' all over again like the title. heh heh, clever! Also sad that we learn stuff and we're not like all violent at the very beginning, but then we all start to change and then become corrupt. Sounds about right for at least a good portion of the human populace *nods*

To me I see us as split up between two groups. The smart/normal-ish type of people. Like the ones who are either book smart or street smart. We know what we're doing 9 times out of 10 and live what we all would consider a normal life. Either single, or with a loved one and start a family. Or there's the other side of this spectrum where there are people who are like stupid. As blunt as that is, we've all seen someone who, guy or girl, has acted stupid and still continue down this point of view that their way is the right way and nothing else matters. OR or, they start out as the smart/normal-ish people and then slowly switch sides to the stupid group because of whatever they think they're doing is the right thing when sometimes its not, they just don't want to believe that they're wrong *ahemOhadahem*

And I know I'm using a tv show as an example besides the OBVIOUS Ohad example buuuuuut......

/MAJOR RANT because of this horribly written character named Gwen Cooper in Torchwood (the spin-off series from Doctor Who) she makes me angry. she starts off in the smart/normal group and then in one fell swoop of certain decisions she quickly goes to the stupid group and Captain Jack was right the whole time. She just wants to be human. TOO human in fact, where you want to help some mom find her son. But when that child has gotten swallowed up by the rift, AGED 40 years and no longer resembles the son that the mom lost, do you really think it's such a good idea to show the mom that? Now she has to remove every single thing that reminds her of her son because she has no more hope that he'll return, let alone be the little teenage son he used to be. Instead she gets what she saw, something that doesn't really resemble a human. And I agree with the mom, she told Gwen 'I hope you don't do this to other people.' As in, show families what happened to their child and ruin everything by making them lose hope and having their childs' become non-human-ish for example.
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