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Is the PSVITA dead in the USA?
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Posted 7/12/13
That doesn't change the fact that the Vita's doing horribly. It's in pretty bad shape. And hell, I don't really play my 3DS or Vita, so meh..
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Posted 7/13/13
I don't think so. But the PSVita has so much potential, but hopefully it'll grow. I can't wait to see this platform get bombarded by awesome exclusives or titles. It definitely needs more love. I remember my brother boasting about this system's specs/stuff and saying how it's better than my current computer.
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Posted 7/21/13
As far as being dead? Don't really think so. As far as I can tell, the Vita (as well as the 3DS, which I also own as a limited edition Zelda version) is an incredibly powerful device. It's a good move coming from Sony to make it compatible with the PS4 as well as the PS3, which ended up being the deciding factor for me.

If price is something you're worrying about, there are some options. I got my Vita for around $200, which is still expensive but not quite so much. I made sure to check the actual gadget for any superficial damage. I got really lucky since it was barely used in the first place, and it runs fine. The memory cards also come used, which helps a little but not very much.

I've been playing mostly handheld though since at the moment the only console I have is the Wii, with only one game...I preordered the PS4 awhile ago, so I'm still waiting on that.
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