HELP!!!!!! What would you do?
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Posted 6/20/13
You ever doing something nice for someone and they through at back in your face? You open the door for them but they close it on you? That's how i feel. I've gotten to the point in my life where i ask myself.

What's the point of showing kindness and being humble???
People nowadays treat each other like trash, basically. Chivalry and common courtesy, which was once a part of our culture, is now on a gift or earned. Growing up doing things for your parents, treating your friends as family, or just even giving money to the homeless was just something we did. Now, EVERYTHING is backwards. I just want to know that there is generosity amongst people. I consider that a part of our human nature that what makes our evolutionary process more of a grand design. If we lose that part, what makes us different from any other "animal" ?....Or even worse. What's your thoughts>>>>>>>>>
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F / Florida, USA
Posted 6/20/13 , edited 6/20/13

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