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Posted 2 days ago
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Posted one day ago
I've been busy lately, so I haven't had much time to read, but I finally finished Tardi & Verney's graphic novel duology of WW1: It Was The War Of The Trenches and Goddamn This War!. The first book was written and drawn by Tardi. Verney provided the research. There wasn't an overall story in this book. Instead, the book contained a series of snapshots detailing the stories and lives of French soldiers in the trenches. The second book had a more cohesive story: it followed the life of one soldier throughout the war. That section was followed by an illustrated chronology written by Verney. Both books are bleak and depressing, but the insight provided was excellent. There's not much on the events that led up to the war, but it is understandable why this would have been left out since that is an extremely complicated subject in itself.

WW1 is very much glossed over nowadays, especially in the US. It's a shame since it very much colors the events we experience nowadays.

Up next: Cannonbridge by Johnathan Barnes.
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