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Posted 6/22/13
Is anyone else having problems with their audio? I go into all of my shows and have zero audio on my ps3. They work fine online, but zero sound on my ps3. Not really sure what's going on. Anyone have any tips or is having the same issue?
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Posted 6/22/13 , edited 6/23/13
Try the basics, unplug your PS3 and TV, then wait a few minutes and replug them in. Then ensure you have not muted anything, volume is on on both CR and your TV.

If not, it may be a PS3 or TV related issue with Crunchyroll.
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Posted 6/22/13
It's definitely not that, because my ps3 makes sound in everything else BUT crunchyroll. I have the same exact problem. It's been like this for over a day. If I play cruncyroll from my laptop, I still get sound. If I play a game on my PS3 I still get sound. So the only conclusion is that something specifically with crunchyroll on the ps3 is affecting some people.

I have tried:

1. Quitting Crunchyroll and restarting
2. Logging out and logging back in.
3. Several different anime but they all have no sound. The problem affects the entire selection.
4. Restarting the PS3 itself.

None have gotten me anywhere.
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Posted 6/25/13
PSN will be down for maintenance today, and it's possible that when it comes back it will have a change/update or reset your app enough that the sound will work again...? Otherwise, the only thing on your side I see to try is to delete the crunchyroll app and reinstall it on your PS3.

Good luck getting your sound back!
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Posted 6/26/13

Still happening?
If yes, what show / episode?
Things are working fine on our PS3.
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Posted 9/8/13
It's been a few days since I've checked but for the last few weeks i've had the same problem

I've restarted the app. Tried multiple episodes. Restarted the PS3. Uninstalled, redownloaded, and reinstalled Crunchyroll. Checked to make sure system updates are current. Checked all system volume (Netflix and games have sound). It really is just Crunchyroll.

Specifically I think I hit the most recent HxH and the first episode of Naruto Ship just cause they were at the beginning of the list. Also checked a couple new shows.
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Posted 12/2/13
Did anyone manage to fix this, 'caus the same thing is happening to me
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Posted 2/26/14
This is happening to me too :c what do?
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