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AppleTV & Crunchyroll
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Posted 6/22/13
Have you tried it? How is it? I ordered mine solely because of Crunchyroll being on it. It should be in my hands around the end of the month. I'm excitedly & impatiently waiting for it........If it works out I FINALLY get to have full membership on Crunchyroll too!!!!

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Posted 6/22/13
I just tried and it's awesome. Sadly i'm from Chile and some anime series are blocked here such as: HunterXHunter, Shingeki no kyojin.

Now i'm watching Naruto 318 and it's streaming smoothly.


Lo probè y es maravilloso. Lamentablemente vivo en Chile y algunas series están bloquedas, tales como : Hunter X Hunter, Shingeki no Kyojin.
Ahora estoy viendo Naruto 318 y se ve bien, sin cortes.
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Posted 11/26/14
Year-end cleaning. Removing threads that have been inactive since 2013.
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