[Special Dungeon] Lyllistene Tower
Posted 6/23/13 , edited 6/23/13
Special Dungeon: Lyllistene Tower

An abandoned 60 floored tower.
It now inhabits evil spirits and the undead.
The dark witch Ru-Lancia has taken it as her property and is building her undead army.
Stop her before she grows too strong.

1st to 10th Floor:

11th to 35th Floor:

36th to 55th Floor:

56th to 59th Floor:

Lvl 55 Last Area Boss: Ru-Lancia
Times Defeated: 0
Floor: 60th
Specialty: Summoning spells, Dark Magic.
Element: Dark // Spirit
Rewards: Pet Egg // 20 GMP

Abilities / Skills:
- Levitation: Immune to Earth/Ground Attacks
- Illusio-Mist: Emits a dark mist that causes illusions.
- Skeleton Summon: Summons undead skeleton servants (Lvl 30).

Signature Moves:
- Cursed Coffin:
- Soul Sacrifice:
GM's moderating Ru-Lancia:
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