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Post Reply Favorite character from a book (non-manga)
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Posted 21 days ago
Artemis Fowl. Nuff said.
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Posted 16 days ago
I don't know if this would be considered cheating since my favorite character from a book started as a tv show character so I'll give both him and my 2nd favorite who indeed did start in a book.

Character: Carl Kolchak
Series: The Night Stalker/The Night Strangler by Jeff Rice, Grave Secrets by Mark Dawidziak, numerous short story collections and novels (in written prose form) by Moonstone Books (not to mention thier comics and graphic novels).

Character: Clark "Doc" Savage Jr
Series: The Doc Savage book series started by Lester Dent and continued by others following his death

Kolchak is kind of a gray area since he first debuted on tv but actually was created for an unpublished novel that was read and licensed for a tv series/movies. Doc Savage began in the Pulp Magazines and continued for years to come.
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Posted 16 days ago
Kate Daniels.
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Posted 10 days ago
Character: Dustfinger

Series: Inkheart


Explanation: He's just the most fun, crazy character I've had the pleasure of "meeting". He enters our world and keeps his firepowers, of course to make a living he goes around doing street performances. But hey, we all gotta eat. He's not really a good character but not really a bad one either. Without spoiling anything, he rats out the characters but also leads them close to their goal. Plus he has a cute little horned ferret that is always with him
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