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Posted 6/24/13


I just watched this movie in subbed and hmm....some thoughts:

Promising start with the visuals. Sunrise sure has some production values. The melody of the song also bought a good rhythm in terms of pacing so far. There's some obvious romance in this movie with the blushes in the beginning in the form this chick named Harukawa. Ryouichi is the transfer student and seems to be mysterious in some ways. Well, with the synopsis, he is sort of the antagonists of the movie obviously. The guy is kinda weird though. He says weird dialogues like "I'm in love with the moon" which hardly makes any sense.

The movie has supernatural themes involving esper like abilities. Ya, the premise sounds good and all but not the execution. I had to skip some parts because it felts slow paced and dragged out. There's also drama that seemingly pops out of nowhere with Natsuki. It's also pretty obvious that Seki has a thing for Harukawa for reasons I don't understand. The love triangle is also pretty obvious with the childhood flashback. Oh wait, it's actually more like a love square. Awkward.

Anyways, I had to skip some of the scenes because this movie was way bloody long. The animation is glorious though and can be comparable to one of Makoto Shinkai's films. The premise is also interesting but not the execution. I got confused a bit throughout the film as to Ryouichi's true purpose. It seems that there was supposed to be a duel or sorts but turned out to never reached its start. Overall, impression is that Sunrise production values with the visuals were impressive along with interesting premise. Story is a trainwreck and not well executed.

The movie is very confusing imo with the flashbacks or maybe they are some sort of dream or visions? I still can't figure it out. The soundtrack was good I guess. This movie just seems to be crafted out of great artistic value with a mess of a story. Of course, this is just my opinion. Anyways, thoughts on this movie??

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Posted 6/24/13 , edited 6/24/13
Sounds like they took the Death Note parody from Bakuman and spliced it with Origin: Spirits of the Past.

Edit: Meh. It looks gorgeous but the characters seem too exaggerated somehow.
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Posted 6/24/13
It didn't get that great of reviews. It looked nice but that isn't everything.
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