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Post Reply Ep 1-366 down! It was worth it ... so what now?
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40 / M / TeeDot
Posted 6/25/13
Saw a couple disconnected episodes on TV a couple years ago, when CR launched having every episode sounded like a good reason to pilot. Managed to watch every episode between Feb and April/May or so.

So ... as someone not too connected with the manga (or anime press in general):

1) Is that it?

2) Are the 4 movies worth watching? Essential?

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24 / M / NJ
Posted 6/25/13
The manga continues on. We are in the next and final arc. No news on whether this will be animated at any point.

The movies are OK, but no they aren't essential. They aren't part of the story, just like the filler episodes
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Posted 8/2/13
The movies are pretty good. The 3rd and 4th films being the best in terms of plot.
The manga is still ongoing, continuing into a new arc, one of the best. I'd recommend reading it if you're starved for more BLEACH.
The manga is also on its final arc. :[
Also, no word on if they'll be starting up the anime again. I hope they do, there are some new fights that I'd love to see animated.
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