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FMA (2003) vs FMA : Brotherhood
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Posted 6/26/13
I think they both have their strong points. The two shows have different directions, and I feel as though the complete FMA experiemce comes from watching both.
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Posted 6/26/13

JaxemsR wrote:

So, guess what? You're not the only one who prefers the original to Brotherhood.

A very smart critic who's thoughts I respect a lot says that Brotherhood is the weakest out of the two shows and the manga because of its terrible pacing problems.

Incredible. I even learned a few things from this. The image you linked is profoundly right on target. I've never been able to really formulate it in to words so elegantly as they did right there.

I'm really curious to know if you have a link to the bolded? I'd really like to read this collection of thoughts, if at all possible.
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Posted 6/26/13 , edited 6/26/13

Shrapnel893 wrote:
No versus threads.

zipzo wrote:

Mod can change the title if they want, it's not a typical "WHICH IS BETTER GUYS?" thread, you should be smart enough to at least conclude that.

I agree that this is not a typical versus thread, and that zipzo has done a good, if lengthy, job of bringing up points to launch a meaty discussion. However, there is already a thread on Full Metal Alchemist that includes (less meaty, perhaps) discussion of FMA and FMA: Brotherhood, making this a duplicate (regardless of how it shines in comparison to the older FMA thread):

As you know, there's a rule (#8) regarding duplicates (See Site & Forum Rules):

8. Please try to use the appropriate forum for your thread. Please refrain from creating duplicate/personal/help/VS. threads.

Please carry on at

Locking and closing this one.
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