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Post Reply Have you ever cosplayed before and if so what did you cosplay?
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Posted 7/31/14
I've been cosplaying for awhile yet have only been to few cons since I started. I'll be cosplaying this summer in SacAnime as a female Gray Fullbuster. It's my first genderbend cosplay and I'm super excited! Here is the list of cosplays that I've done in the past:
Gumi Megpoid -- Matryoshka, Happy Synthesizer, Panda Hero
Attack on Titan -- Sasha Brauss
Chobits -- Freya
Original -- Gothic Lolita fashion

I love cosplay and love meeting people who also love it as well!
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Posted 8/10/14 , edited 8/10/14
Back in the day, i cosplayed at sci-fi conventions or halloween parties. Have Star Trek (TNG, Enterprise, TOS) uniforms and props and have MIB agent outfit with props. Thought about making a Stargate SG1 outfit but gave up on going to conventions and parties. i gained weight so my outfits won't fit now also. I guess i can use the MIB agent again after buying a new black suit.

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Posted 8/10/14
I have always thought about doing cosplay but have never really got around doing it yet
I have cosplayed as Kirito from SAO though (wasn't that good though XD)
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Posted 9/9/14
Cosplaying has become my hobby now so I've cosplayed several characters. xD My favorite ones are:

-Blair from Soul Eater
-Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid (Lots of Laugh version)
-Nyaruko from Nyaruko-san: Another Crawling Chaos
-Junko from Danganronpa
-Sunako from Shiki

I've also cosplayed Black Rabbit from Mondaiji Tachi.
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