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New shows being simulcast
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Posted 6/28/13 , edited 6/28/13

AnimeKami wrote:

Ever since the new mods have been selected the waters have been tested, I need to tone it down by a percent or two.

So Free! why is it named Free!?

edit: I never knew people watch anime just to spite people... what happened to enjoying the animes you like and not giving a shit to what others thought?

Maybe being in the water and swimming makes them feel "free" from their other worries or something?

And watching an anime to spite someone? These dang modern hipsters.
This being KyoAni is good enough reason for me to watch it. They have done no wrong so far.
Otter Modder
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Posted 6/28/13
CR aims to get as many new shows for as many people as possible every season. This will sometimes include shows that you do not like. I, for one, do not watch every show that is added, although, I do give most of them a fair chance. I understand that you do not like the show, and do not plan on watching it, but let others decide for themselves if they want to watch a show or not. This thread is tantamount to you saying you don't like the show, so I am going to close it. Feel free to move constructive discussion to the free! thread.

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