for all the guys attending AX13
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Posted 6/29/13 , edited 6/29/13
hey while trolling youtube i ran across something that was awesome. its not about AX specifically but its very cool about geekdome. have you ever been to a con and you saw a very pretty lady, but didnt know what or how to approach? i know i have in my time. heres what you do, APPROACH ANYWAYS. say sometthing, doesnt matter if its stupid, just the fact that you had the guts to speak is sometimes enough, and if you come off as a creeper, move on plenty of other people at the con. anyways check out this video from the guys at simplepickup, its hilarious, and it may give you the strenght of mind to speak up, who knows you may end up happy.
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Posted 6/29/13 , edited 6/29/13
So, you put AX in the title, but you go on to say that it's not really about AX. If you want to connect it to AX, then put it in the Anime Expo thread (but see my comments below on suggested edits).

If you want to say something in general about picking up girls, I guess it belongs in General Discussion.

It you want to emphasized that it's con-related, then I'm not sure there's an existing thread in Conventions for it, so maybe it just needs a more accurate title, and also some added content in the post to stimulate genuine discussion, rather than just announcing this amusing video.

What do you want to hear from those replying?

I think some might consider this post suspect and creepy, but I'll give you a chance to post something similar but more substantial that will lead to a genuine discussion.

Locking and closing this one though.
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