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Contest-Hime's Contest Corner - A TREATSIE
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Posted 8/21/15
A contest where you give # of clues maximum. And we guess the anime/manga/drama that matches the certain clues, whether it's right or wrong. The prize can be some sort of treasure hunting badge.

For an example of what I meant:
I give 5 clues maximum. (1)Story is based off of a manga/novel. (2)The protagonist is a young female lead before their twenties. (3)It is set off in historical times. (4)The female lead has quite a few men that are interested in her. (5)It has a dramatic/tragic feel of setting in it.

So then, the posters will comment an anime/drama that is based off of those clues. All the clues must match within the anime/drama given. So it must be 5/5 clues complete; not 4/5, 3/5, 2/5, or 1/5. You can give a reason why the anime has all the clues even if others says it doesn't.
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Posted 9/19/15
Closing up Contest Corner while Contest-Hime is on hiatus.
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