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Post Reply Am I the only one who wants to live in Canada when I grow up?
Posted 10/6/13 , edited 10/6/13
I applied for a job in Canada once. My application was rejected because my NORWEGIAN wasn't good enough.

I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere, but I don't always get Canadian humor. Whatever.
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20 / M / Rio de Janeiro, B...
Posted 11/30/13
I definitely want to visit Canada, it's on top of my list of "places I want to live" lol.
But, I was wondering... haven't you notice that most people want to live in a different country than they were born in? I mean, a lot of japanese youths want to go to the West, and que want to go to the east (or a least a nice place to live, like Canada). This trend picked my curiosity... maybe I could do some research.
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M / Honnōji Gakuen
Posted 12/13/13
The healthcare system in Canada is most definitely a benefit but the standard of living can be very expensive. I live in Vancouver and it is one of the most expensive cities in all of North America.

Great scenery but there isn't really much to do if you're not into the whole outdoorsy stuff.

One thing I don't like about living in Canada is the shopping (first world problem, I know). Not as much variety as compared to the US, for instance, and if there are sales, it's often not a significant reduction.
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22 / M / Québec
Posted 2/20/14
Speaking of shopping, all cellphone/tv/internet plans in Canada are overpriced for what they feature.
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44 / M / US
Posted 2/21/14
Canada is beautiful, and the people I met were good people. But I have trouble considering any place but America as my home. For one thing, they have some goofy and overly restrictive laws concerning some things that personally, I don't buy into. But there's certainly a lot worse places to live.
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