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Which countries in each 7 continents would you want to live in?
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Posted 7/3/13
na- hawaii or any suburbs an hour away from a big city, sick of city life.
sa- brazil no doubt
europe- sweden or norway
asia- not really interested but if i had to choose it'd be hong kong or japan...
africa- south africa
australia- new zealand, im obsessed with moari culture.
Posted 7/3/13 , edited 7/3/13
North America: Though the States are having a tough time, I'd love to live there. I've been there several times and I liked it a lot despite the economic issues.

I'd also like to live in Canada.

Central America/Caribbean: Jamaica would be nice to visit though the crime rate is scary.

South America: I'd like to visit many countries in South America though. Love the vivid culture, food, music, multicultural history, etc. And I'd also like to take a look at the darker side of things as well (poverty, slums, crime rate).

Europe: I live in the UK and its gone severely downhill like a lot of Europe. Still - I love Europe and I'd like to go to Italy, France (despite the rudeness) and perhaps Germany though I heard Asians aren't treated well there...

Asia: I'd like to live in Thailand or the Philippines despite the poverty. I didn't choose Japan or Korea because...Well, they're fine to visit, but living there? No. I have issues with Japan outside of the anime industry and in the long run, it's not so nice to live in for many reasons. Oddly enough I am half Korean but I'd never want to live there. Too much pressure, social status, commentary, plastic surgery overcraze and issues with foreigners. And both Japan and Korea are extremely xenophobic. So no.

Africa: I don't think I'd like to live anywhere here, but I would love to visit.

Oceania: A nice tropical island! I wouldn't want to live in Australia or New Zealand. Some of my family lives there and the racism is really bad.
Posted 7/7/13
north america - canada
rest of america - mexico
europe - germany
asia - japan
africa - beep
oceania - new zealand
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27 / M / The good ole US o...
Posted 7/7/13
North America: USA USA USA USA USA USA 'MERICA F*CK YEAH USA USA USA USA USA that I've got that out of the way, I would either choose America or Canada. Mexico is fine too, the people down there are wonderful. Everyones economy is tanking these days, so I'll probably hitch my carriage to the local horse (USA) and hope it pulls through.

South America: Probably Ecuador. I respect their stance on offering Snowden asylum, and it's small and out of the way. There is a certain charm to a quiet country that, for the most part, doesn't attract attention on the national stage.

Africa: South Africa. Why? Because being hacked apart by tribal warlords doesn't sound like a nice way to spend the weekend.

Europe: The UK, more specifically Lower England. Familiarity matters to me, and England isn't all that different from my current home in the US. Not being part of the nightmarish house of cards that is the Eurozone nowadays is an enormous plus.

Asia: Y'all know I'm sayin' Japan.

Australia and Friends (Oceania): The Aussies are wonderful people. The time I spent in Australia was an absolute joy, and I would love to visit again one day.

Antarctica: Uhmm...does the Stargate series count as canon for this topic? I want to live wherever that second gate is.

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27 / M / Sweden
Posted 7/7/13
Oceania - Samoa or some other small island.

Europe - Sweden (Living there atm)

Asia - Japan!!!

Africa - Ethiopia

North America - The USA

South America - Venezuela
Posted 7/7/13
Asia. - Japan

South America - Brazil

That's all
Posted 7/8/13 , edited 7/8/13
Europe - Norway
Europe - Ireland
Europe - UK
North America - Canada
Asia - South Korea
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21 / M / Florida, US
Posted 7/8/13 , edited 7/24/13
North America : USA; I love my country even though it's going through some rough times.. I used to live in Canada for a bit and it's insanely boring, nothing to do and the atmosphere was depressing. (Kingston; if you are wondering)

South America: Peru, cmon Machu Picchu!

Africa : Botswana, it's safer than most. South Africa was on the top 10 for worlds most dangerous countries (fuck that shit, lol)

Asia : Japan, I know the language since I used to live in Yokohama, downside is the Japanese are pretty shy...

Australia/Oceanic : Australia hands down!

Europe : Italy, I could Italian without much of a hassle since my family speaks it.

Antarctica : Villa Las Estrelles

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27 / M / Nevada........ FO...
Posted 7/8/13
North America - Canada, free health care, nuff said.

Central America - Costa Rica, some of the best hospitals in the world, not to mention some the most beautiful beaches and rainforests.

South America - Brazil, because Blanca's from there (don't know much about the other countries lol)

Europe - Ireland, to live in the place of my ancestors would be really nice.

Africa - Probably Morocco, seeing as I have some hook-ups there with some friends I've made here in the US.

Asia - Japan, because I have yellow fever. . . take that as you will.

Australia - Um, Australia, for other reason than I didn't know there were other countries in Australia >.>
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29 / M / 東京, Vancouver
Posted 7/8/13
Asia- Japan
North America- Canada
Europe- Iceland or Finland
South America- Brazil
Africa- None
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21 / F / Strawberry Fields
Posted 7/11/13
Europe- I really liked France.
Asia- UAE
South America- Brazil
North America- USA
Oceania- Australia
Africa- Egypt

And Antarctica? No thank you.
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38 / M / United Kingdom /...
Posted 7/11/13
Europe- France

North America- America

South America - Brazil

Asia - Hong Kong

Africa - Kenya

Oceania - New Zealand
Posted 7/22/13
Europe - Belgium or Norway

North America - Canada

Asia - Japan
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28 / F / Samsara
Posted 7/22/13
U.S., Seychelles, Monaco, japan, Brazil or Chili, New Zealand
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Posted 7/22/13
North korea
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