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Post Reply Cthulhu wars - miniature's strategy board game - kickstarter project
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Posted 7/3/13
Came across this a few days ago and after watching it for abit, I couldnt help myself but to jump aboard and back it.

Not many days left before this project ends (ends on the 7th), and surprisingly despite having nearly over 2500% of its initial goal there are still some of the decent packages left since they added an extra teir to the top that alot of the earlier backers jumped on, and since I figured that there might be some lovecraft horror fans hanging around here I guess we might as well add more.

Can never have too many fans for a good thing most of the stretch goals (amount/backers needed above what is initially asked for) that are left are for collector edition miniatures (they are FREE for people who buy the cultist ($150) or higher, or those who buy the early bird cultists (cheaper, but of limited quanity as of this post there is ~40 spots left for $138) which isnt a bad deal considering what all you get. (currently ~5 of the free minatures if you get the cultist pack, even more if you spend above $200 before shipping (since you get ~9 Greater old ones (which are playable pieces in the game))

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Posted 9/10/14
i just wanted to be the first person to comment on this even if it has been about a year since this has gone up

well... i hope your kick starter went well LOL
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